Who Are We

imageHi, we’re Ken and Kelly. After turning fifty years old, we both started looking for ways we could stay fit together. Riding our bicycles was a must. We planned a day of riding our own bicycles together to a restaurant, and then back home. this made it more of an adventure and not just exercise. Problems started bothering us enough that we looked for a solution. We had a hard time talking to each other while riding, we couldn’t hear when traffic was near by. We didn’t ride at the same speed, so one had to wait for the other. We had to ride single file when cars were approaching to pass. Solution, a tandem! We bought a tandem bike! This solved all of our bike problems. Plus we now have two engines on this bike with almost the same resistance. A tandem does weigh more, but the two engines can sure make it move!

Go to a bike shop, rent a tandem and see the world in a different way. You may end up buying one.